Monday, January 25, 2010

Spirit of the '70s

I'd been meaning to get out and take photos of the bright new murals that popped up on the corner of Williamson and Few St. just a short while ago, but thankfully muralist and community artist Sharon Kilfoy beat me to it. She was also kind enough to provide information about the work.
This panel includes the Amazement Company playing at the first Willy St Fair, Mona and her Way House Gallery of Light, Dan Yopack, founder of Gallery 853 and the Unicorn Forest and Wildlife Preserve, and the St Vincent de Paul Fashion Show.
The death of DADA / birth of MAMA represented a paradigm shift in consciousness that came to fruition in the 70's. Women, blacks, gays, and other minorities were to be no longer disenfranchised as in the past. Also shown in this panel are theater groups from Broom St Theater and Gallery 853.
This panel pays homage to WORT radio and its early days on Willy St, Nature's Bakery, Peter and Lou Berryman, and Bob Linn, the "Day-Glow Sheriff" who was part of the Natures Bakery collective until he was thrown out for painting their entire parking lot one night after everyone else had gone home.