Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Community Mural Love

A much-needed splash of color just got added to the (formerly) big white wall on the side of the Plan B nightclub on Williamson St.

Let the Willy Street Blog tell you all about it. The work was done by Baltimore-based artist Michael Owen, and brought about by lots of community effort:
The Baltimore Love Mural is the second mural to go up on a wall in the neighborhood in as many years as part of the Marquette Neighborhood Association’s (MNA) Murals on Private Property initiative. Michael Owen, who stayed with MNA Arts & Culture Committee Co-Chair Sharon Kilfoy while in town, said he knew he was in the right place when he saw Panmela Castro’s “The Siamese Twins” on Willy Street Co-op East.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Proper gentledogs

Meep again. Paste-up at the corner of Ingersol and Willy. And the inevitable dong graffiti on the gentleman dog, too.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The prettiest monster in the deep ocean

Another piece by one of our most prolific Madison street artists (or collective, I've heard conflicting rumors), Meep! On the side of Mother Fools, natch. Such a pretty, pretty deep sea creature!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The face of the Yahara River bridge

This fella currently stares up at cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge over the Yahara River by O'Keefe.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Girls Rising

Photo by Catherine Capellaro
This is so ridiculously cool:
It looks so awesome, I'd never guess it was painted by a group of sixth graders. 
A bright new mural gracing the graffiti wall at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse on Willy Street pays tribute to the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and the Bring Back Our Girls movement, and is part of a global awareness campaign in support of girls' right to education. 
Six middle schoolers from O'Keeffe -- Adeline Geary, Skye Lukas, Odessa Chusid, Anabelle Poore, Ruby Sutherlin-Sovern, and Amelia Hoffman -- are involved in a group called Girl Generation (modeled on the Mother-Daughter Project) that has been meeting over the last five years. Over the last year, these moms and daughters have organized community service and fundraising projects while also considering a public art project.
Read the full article at Isthmus.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two new murals approved for Willy Street

Progress! Super stoked to see these go up:
Two new murals have been approved for the Willy Street corridor on the near east side, adding to the street's already vibrant collection of artwork. 
Michael Owen, a muralist and painter from Baltimore, has been tapped to create a new mural on the side of Plan B at 924 Williamson St. The building is owned by Chuck Chvala, who has donated money toward the project. (Other funds will come from the Madison Community Foundation, Plan B itself and a fundraiser.) 
Owen started the Baltimore Love Project several years ago, in 2008, spelling out the word "LOVE" in sign language on some 20 walls all over the city. 
The murals, according to the project's Facebook page, are "identical in regards to content, only ranging in size." Madison's mural will have the same design. 
On the back of the building, near Cha Cha Beauty & Barber, local artist Craig Grabhorn is designing another mural. Muralist Sharon Kilfoy, who went to the Marquette Neighborhood Association Art and Culture Committee meeting where both were approved, said it may have a "broken heart" or "heart with wings" theme.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mondrian, street artist

Piet Mondrian on the street, yo. East Wilson Street along the backside of the storage units. Happy spring, artists!