Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Atwood is the hottest

J sends us this snap of a mural on Atwood, where one of the youth community centers used to be located. And though the center has moved, the mural lives on! And, as of right now, it's true that Atwood is the hottest. As well as pretty much every other street around here. Someone get me a fan....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bury "America"

Intrepid on-the-ground reporter DW sends in this snapshot of a particularly feisty sticker/paste-up on the corner of Gorham St. and Fordem Ave. on the city's northeast-ish side. Is that angry man someone in particular? I don't recognize him. But I like how "America" is in quotes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The transitory nature of street art

One of our city's most vibrant and visible pieces of street art (and the masthead for this blog) has officially been slated for demolition. The mural on the side of Tranquil Tattoos (1900 E. Washington Ave., on the corner with First St.) will turn to dust once the "Emerson East" project goes in. The project, to include housing, retail, and underground parking space, was just approved by the city's Plan Commission.

I know perfectly well that art, like most things, is transitory in nature. We can't expect to hold onto it forever. Good Buddhist monks would shake their heads at us to think otherwise. But it's still sad to see one of the few great examples of mural work in Madison relegated to the rubble heap.

We have so few places open to letting artists do their work on their walls, so the loss of even one is felt all the more acutely.

And for that, I shake my head.