Sunday, May 24, 2015

Help a new mural come to life on Willy St!

From Sharon Kilfoy, who runs the Williamson Street Art Center:

The mural will be a celebration of life on Willy Street. It will honor the life of Tony Robinson and others with connections to the Willy St neighborhood who have died through violence.  It will depict no violence, no guns, no 'RIP.' It will show people in happy moments - skateboarding, sitting on the front porch, playing the guitar - activities anyone in the neighborhood would do. 

You can read about the mural in an article in Madison’s Capital Times here:

You can donate to the mural here:
Funds are needed for stipends for the 2 lead artists, for supplies and for snacks for the neighborhood youth who will be helping with the mural.

Please contact Sharon Kilfoy  - – or 608-658-3736 for questions, if you would like to volunteer or if you would like your loved one included in the mural.

Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015