Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Centro Hispano murals in the news

There's been some great local coverage of the beautiful Centro Hispano murals in recent days. Check out the coverage at 77 Square and the full page spread in Capitol City Hues.

This has all been in conjunction with the official celebration of the completion of the works.

The Williamson Street Art Center, in partnership with the center and the Overture Center for the Performing Arts, celebrated the series of murals created during a two-year artist-in-residency program under the direction of Sharon Kilfoy.

The hands of hundreds of children and adults helped to see the project through to completion; the end result is a lively, vibrant interior of the building at 801 W. Badger Road.
Be sure to check them out for yourself!

(P.S. I realize that these aren't technically "street art" because they're not outside, but heck, I still think it's a cool project)