Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop showing us up, Chi-town

While areas just north of Madison are currently getting hammered by a snowstorm, those of us in the city are sitting through a very early thunderstorm. It's a little eerie, because it seems premature and could easily turn into crazy bad ice later on - but it also gets me to thinking about spring.

You see, I'm going a little bit stir crazy, wanting to get out into the world for some serious biking and general wandering. It's a good way to find hidden street art gems, and Madison is usually pretty rife with artsy stuff during the warmer months.

Winter can be somewhat barren, though. And that's why I'm a little jealous of Chicago right now, as they keep having cool (indoor) street art related events.

The flier you see up there is for something called "Artist in the Window" and is coming up this Saturday. If you're in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by to check it out. Seems like a fairly straight-forward instance of "true" street art.

Tipster Q had this to say about it: "'Artist in the Window' is truly street art, involving not just display but also creation of art on the street. Furthermore, it's street art beyond the reach of various 'authorities,' like politicians and cops, who self-righteously disdain and seek to destroy street art."

Right on right on.

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