Friday, November 13, 2009

The kids are all right

This mural, on the back wall of O'Keeffe Middle School on Madison's near east side, was originally painted in 1992 and apparently touched up in 2002 by students with the help of art teachers. It's always been a favorite of mine, living in the 'hood as I do. It's just so cheery!

According to photographer >Elab'rãt>'s description, though, "To understand some of the imagery in the mural, it is important to know that in 1832, during the so-called "Blackhawk War," the Native American leader Blackhawk and his people camped in the Madison area and then crossed the Yahara [River] near where the School is located today while they were being pursued by federal troops. That pursuit ended in far western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River south of La Crosse when the troops caught up with Blackhawk and his people and ruthlessly murdered a large number of them, including children."

The mural is, obviously, a depiction of / wish for better times.

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W J said...

Many of the people, who were children when they helped put that fabulous mural together, now have children of their own!

Why don't we have many more spaces available for equally stunning murals by the children of the children who put that mural together?

That we don't - not just in Madison but just about everywhere in our state and country - is in my view a calamity.