Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mushroomland mural

(click for big)
Not entirely sure when this went up - it's possible I just haven't been as observant as I think I am - but I didn't notice the piece/mural until today. Along E. Paterson, near the intersection with E. Washington. Pretty sure it's a sanctioned work, since it's on the side of a business and quite big/intricate. Nicely done!


W J said...

That's on one of the two new "permission walls" sanctioned by the owner and the city behind the owner's building at 849 E Washington.

The permission walls are due to the efforts of Kimberly Coonts, who among other cool things puts together the art in the park graff extravaganza in Brittingham Park every summer.

The other of the two new permission walls, that also has excellent mural art, faces the parking lot of Safe Harbor off E Main and is the wall opposite the one your flick shows on the same structure behind 849 E Washington.

Emily said...

I should have known Kimberly had something to do with it - she does a lot of excellent work for street artists in Madison! Thanks for the info, WJ.