Monday, August 25, 2008

Support your local artists

Support Local Artists

I figure a mural is a good way to kick off this blog all proper-like, especially one with a message like this. Gracing the side of the building housing Tranquil Tattoos (1900 E Washington Ave.) and OK Beauty Supplies, it went up shortly after the tattoo folks moved in. I can only assume one or more of the artists that work there created it, though I took the photo when it was closed so couldn't ask. If you happen to know the names of the artists or any other info about the mural, please let me know in the comments section.

UPDATE: The artist responsible for this fine work of art is Zach Bartel. Check out his website here.


Nataraj Hauser said...

I love supporting local artists. I love street art when it's applied to a building with the property owner's permission. I supported a neighbor (Lafollette Ave) in her fight to allow her son and friends to grafitti her garage when the city wanted to prevent it. What I loathe is taggers and other miscreants damaging another's property by visually peeing on it to mark it "theirs". Business owners get fined if they don't clean tags off their buildings promptly. Art? No. Destructive action no different than smashing windows.

There IS a lot of good, community street art out there. By all means, support it. But I'd hope there is some editorial about the conditions under which it was applied. Maybe contributing tipsters could take a moment when they note (or snap a photo of) the location to ask the property owner if it's welcom art or property damage. I believe the context is important to the dialog.

But in the end, it is your blog. I'm curious to see where you go with this!

First tip: Check out the mosaic posts at the community gardens on Troy Drive, out past Warner Park. They were created in a festive multiday project to spruce up the area.

Emily said...

NH - Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely be sure to check those out.

As for tagging, I generally agree. I'm not at all a fan of it, but I will include some posts about tags for the sake of attempting to generate conversation about it.

brainstorm said...

The guy who did this Mural is Zach Bartel, here is his website-
I actually helped paint Gretta's garage on Lafollette street. The city is very strange about letting murals go down. There seems to be a loop-hole to get it done, but it does require quite a bit of leg-work. Madison does not do much for visual artists, they put endless means into supporting performance arts. P.S. Gretta's garage will be getting an extreme makeover this spring/ summer, so stop by to check it out!

brainstorm said...

The name of the artist who painted the mural on Tranquil Tatto is Zach Bartel, here is his website-