Saturday, August 30, 2008

The weekender: community mosaics

A hot tip sent me traveling up to the north side of the city this afternoon to check out the Troy Community Gardens, a sprawling, beautiful example of urban agriculture. There were dozens of plots filled with vegetables, a few chickens, some interesting structures, and all sorts of other good stuff.

There were also--and this is how this is relevant to this blog--several examples of mosaic work, both on posts and tiles decorating one edge of the garden. I'm not entirely sure who created the work, but it adds some lovely, somewhat whimsical color to the setting (which is, to be fair, already quite colorful on its own). I'm honestly a little ashamed to say I'd never been to the gardens before, especially since they've apparently been there for a couple of decades now. There seem to be some public trails that wind through the area, so it's definitely worth a short hike and looksee if you happen to find yourself in the area.

Two of my favorite things in one place: community, urban agriculture and cool art.

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