Monday, September 22, 2008

Laser beams! From its eyes!

Sender-inner Jesse spotted this lovely piece near the dumpsters by Amy's Cafe and emailed it to yours truly via some sort of fancy cellular technology. The kids and their gadgets these days--I can't keep up! But street art, ah yes, that still makes sense to me.

I mean, who can't get behind a wolf shooting friggen laser beams from its eyes?! That little symbol indicates that this may be another piece from our good street art friend, USB.


Nicole said...

There's some more nearby on N. Broom, right by the "Doc Martin's Back Door" sign.

W J said...

This image raised in my mind the question when laser tagging will come to Madison. With all the techies around, it should not be too long and hopefully will not be. We have many fabulous targets, e.g. the Capitol, van Vleck and Bascom Halls, the Memorial Union from (across) Lake Mendota, and it's a shame they aren't being used.

See Graffiti Research Lab.

Emily said...

WJ - That's fantastic, thanks for the heads up. Hadn't heard of the laser tagging thing, but it looks like a really cool idea. Make it big, visible, and hey--can't really get nailed for defacing property. :)