Monday, July 27, 2009

SOLVE lives at the Overture Center

Well this is nice/unexpected:
[Brendan] Scanlon, a Madison native, was a Chicago-based muralist who went by the alias "SOLVE." He was killed last summer, stabbed in an alley at age 24. Now, a tribute to his street art lines the Playhouse Gallery hallways in the basement of Overture.
It sounds like a great show, representing both SOLVE and many of the artists who respected and were touched by his art in some way.

And I admit to being a little pleasantly surprised that this is being housed by the Overture, which tends to lean more heavily toward gallery art and artists (which, contrary to certain other local bloggers' beliefs, I also enjoy). It's good to see them branching out and offering space to the kind of art you'd usually only see under a freeway or some other outdoor surface.

You can check it out until Sept. 16th at the Overture Center in downtown Madison.

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