Thursday, August 6, 2009

A face on the train

This rather nice photo comes to us courtesy of Peter Patau, a fine local photographer and budding street art spotter. The piece looks to be done on a train car on the tracks along the southwest bike path, so it may just be passing through town.

I know graffiti on trains is as highly illegal as anything, but I must admit that I enjoy the added color. There must be a certain thrill for the artist, too, knowing that their work will travel from place to place and be seen by people across the country.

But, you know, illegal.


Nadine said...

Peter is another fellow Central High School alumnus: We're everywhere! I like this new blog -- and one of these days may even have some recent Madison Street Art photos of my own for you to consider.

Emily said...

That would be great, Nadine! I'm always open to new submissions: