Monday, August 2, 2010

Technicolor octopus

This colorful guy was spotted and photographed by Josh back in April (so I suspect it's no longer there) in the bicycle path tunnel under E. Johnson St.


Clare Dickerson said...

why don't i know about this bike path tunnel? what is it near?

Emily said...

If you follow the bike path that runs along the Yahara River, by Burr Jones Park and the like, it has tunnels going under both E. Washington and E. Johnson streets.

W J said...

The City's Parks Department. like the Police Department and others, is determinedly anti-art. It regards art of all kinds as nothing but a nuisance. So it wastes our money doing things like buffing art on the walls of the Yahara River bike path tunnels under E Washington and E Johnson and leaving those walls uglier with the marks left by the unskilled buffing than they were with no art.

Those walls are prime places for beautiful street art. It's long past time for the Parks Department to quit fighting art and instead encourage it. A good place for this overdue change in attitude to take effect is those walls.