Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh this is so good. Nice, effective piece of political stenciling. I have a feeling Madison is going to see a big uptick in this sort of thing now that the Republicans have taken over the state government. Call it a small silver lining.

Photo taken by A.M. in the area of the Humanities Building down on Library Mall.

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W J said...

That's right - a "small" silver lining.

Though there might be a much bigger silver lining of massive, provocative, guerrilla art of all kinds provoked when these truly mindless and vengeful incompetents who are about to take over, with their accomplices in banks, on Wall Street in NYC and on E Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, and in "chambers of commerce" and crazily short-sighted and greedy corporations throughout the country and state, cause an economic crisis worse than any our country has seen since the 1890's.

I hope, of course, we do not have this massive economic crisis, that I fear is coming, but that we do have massive, provocative guerrilla art of all kinds, that in any decent society should be provoked when truly mindless and vengeful incompetents take over government and corrupt it by their mindless support of corrupt, short-sighted and unmitigatedly greedy financial institutions and businesses.