Friday, May 18, 2012

Cthulhu on a train > snakes on a plane

(click for big)
This stencil of Cthulhu is just plain awesome. There, I said it. I was driving by and caught the image out of the corner of my eye, so pulled into a nearby parking lot, ran across a busy road, hopped through some tall grass, scrambled across a few railroad tracks to take this picture.

No idea if this is by a Madison-area artist since it's on the side of a train, of course, but this particular set of cars tends to sit for awhile and I hadn't noticed it previously, so there's a good chance it is. Regardless, it's super cool.

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mfm said...

Cthulhu! That's what it was! Loved seeing that train car. Back in Montana, trains were the ONLY good graffiti I saw.