Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pink Ranger has you on a short leash

I spotted this while on my commute home from work last Friday. The Pink Ranger has sadly already been removed (I think it was just a paste-up), but the little transformer guy is still there, keeping watch. This was on a wall where Escape Java Joint used to be on Williamson St. One of the bigger and more whimsical pieces I've seen in awhile.


Blogking said...

For the art lovers out there, why cram beautiful artwork into a closet when you have the option to make sure that they are safe and not in danger of destruction.


Anonymous said...

as of last week, there was another one of these in the tunnel by the Kohl Center. i haven't been over there in a few days to see if it's still up, though

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm glad someone caught a flick of this!
I blazin around on my bike, and couldn't resist hittin up where Plan B was gonna open.

I got up 3 spots that night:
Plan B
The tunnel near Ogg/Kohl center area
behind the chocolate shop!

The tigerZord is a woodcut, the ranger is a screen print, both with spray stencils.

I actually have had other wheat pastes in more obscure places, i can email them to you.

Didn't know about this blog- very randomly happened upon it!
Word. keep it up!

Emily said...

Thanks for the detail, anon! And yeah, you're always welcome to submit any other work - just email photos to madstreetart@gmail.com